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Rostec Demino ski marathon FIS/Worldloppet 2020 -


* The biggest ski marathon in Russia


* 3rd Free Technique ski marathon in the world by number of finishers


Happy Birthday!

Елена Захарова RUS 08.03
Елена Сергеева RUS 08.03
Евгений Кириллов RUS 08.03
Игорь Большаков RUS 08.03
Евгений Костычев RUS 08.03
Кирилл Сатуров RUS 08.03
Олеся Кириленко RUS 08.03
Антон Лебяжинский RUS 08.03
Александр Березин RUS 08.03
Aschenborn Bernd GER 08.03
Андрей Чекмезов RUS 08.03
Борис Заводский RUS 08.03
Александр Радов RUS 08.03
Андрей Читнев RUS 08.03
Алексей Агафонов RUS 08.03
Дмитрий Снитко RUS 08.03
Владимир Казаков RUS 08.03
Татьяна Коптева RUS 08.03
Арсений Красотин RUS 08.03
Андрей Гаршин RUS 08.03
Mathias Fritz Roitzsch GER 08.03
Наталья Денисова RUS 08.03
Алексей Ушаков RUS 08.03
Сергей Стукалов RUS 08.03
Александр Цыбин RUS 08.03
Сергей Сулимов RUS 08.03
Владимир Вылегжанин RUS 08.03
Андрей Черепенников RUS 08.03
Primoz Zidar SLO 08.03
Илья Попов RUS 08.03
Вячеслав Райчихин RUS 08.03
Jan Per Ringdal NOR 08.03
Роман Кондейкин RUS 08.03
Геннадий Кулинич RUS 08.03


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    Running half marathon

    XI Traditional Demino cross-country running half-marathon 2020.

    1st stage of Demino marathons Super Cup Powerup 2020-2021

    Light Trail cross

    III Salomon Demino running trail.

    2nd stage of Demino marathons Super Cup Powerup 2020-2021
    button ski


    XIV Traditional International DEMINO SKI MARATHON FIS/ WORLDLOPPET 2021.

    Marathon Cup

    Demino marathons Super Cup Powerup 2020-2021.

    Two months are left before the start of the 8th Demino Ski Marathon WORLDLOPPET, which will be held on March, 15-16, 2014 in Demino. Skiers from 18 countries have registered for the race on web-site www.marathon.demino.com, including athletes from Mexico, Japan, Italy, Australia, the United States ... Russia is now represented by 27 regions, lands and republics. The second wave of registration started in January, selling of Worldloppet passports and an auction of “Lucky Bibs” are in full swing! Join us!

    You may watch new start numbers ("Bibs") of Demino Ski Marathon on the auction page of the web-site. It is a real "gold collection": 50, 555, 1111, 2014 ... only 24 numbers! Startup stake is 15 Euro. Auction will be held until January, 31, 2014 and only among the participants of the main marathon 50 km race, so you should hurry up. Each challenger can participate in the drawing of just onelucky number”. This year all numbers are decorated in the colors of the Russian flag.

    On January, 20, 2014 the Press centre of the Demino Ski Marathon WORLDLOPPET will work in a daily mode. Information about media registration and the most current news journalist can find here: www.marathon.demino.com (button "Press"), the head of press service - Svetlana Israileva: izrajleva@gmail.com

    In the meantime the weather tests the organizers of ski competitions worldwide daily. Czech Republic has already abandoned from the marathon, an intense situation with snow is at Vasaloppet. However Russian winter can’t live up to expectations of millions of skiers. With such strength and such a desire like this year we’ve never waited the winter. True snowy frosty weather had set in Central Russia. With all the vagaries of nature Demino team has an experience in international competitions with abnormal weather (World Cup in 2007 ).

    Strive for go down in history, become a participant of the main Ski marathon in Russia!

    Welcome to the 8th Demino Ski Marathon WORLDLOPPET!

    Organizing Committee of
    Demino Ski Marathon WORLDLOPPET
    worldcup@demino.com, tel.: (4855) 239-720