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Rostec Demino ski marathon FIS/Worldloppet 2020 -


* The biggest ski marathon in Russia


* 3rd Free Technique ski marathon in the world by number of finishers


Happy Birthday!

Юлия Лобова RUS 12.04
Алексей Мазов RUS 12.04
Игорь Сибиркин RUS 12.04
Алексей Большаков RUS 12.04
Олег Ушаков RUS 12.04
Юрий Деревянных RUS 12.04
Анатолий Уткин RUS 12.04
Валерий Башурин RUS 12.04
Daniel Mallory CAN 12.04
Екатерина Алексеева RUS 12.04
Алексей Шавров RUS 12.04
Александр Румянцев RUS 12.04
Сергей Шадьков RUS 12.04
Pilz Gerald AUT 12.04
Игорь Бородулин RUS 12.04
Александр Осипов RUS 12.04
Владимир Матвеев RUS 12.04
Юрий Гуреев RUS 12.04
Юрий Бух RUS 12.04
Данила Хащенков RUS 12.04
Алексей Лашин RUS 12.04
Павел Третьяков RUS 12.04
Андрей Рощин RUS 12.04
Виталий Митюхляев RUS 12.04
Роман Егоров RUS 12.04
Алексей Пискунов RUS 12.04
Алексей Адамов RUS 12.04
Тамара Невеселова RUS 12.04
Юлия Любова RUS 12.04
Jyrki Peltonen FIN 12.04
Тамара Невеселова RUS 12.04
Иван Бижов RUS 12.04
Софья Джубуева RUS 12.04
Николай Давыдов RUS 12.04
Дарья Вое RUS 12.04
Максим Тарновский RUS 12.04
Борис Лосев RUS 12.04
Линар Хайруллин RUS 12.04
Дарья Воеводкина RUS 12.04
Ольга Евстифеева RUS 12.04


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    Running half marathon

    XI Traditional Demino cross-country running half-marathon 2020.

    1st stage of Demino marathons Super Cup Powerup 2020-2021

    Light Trail cross

    III Salomon Demino running trail.

    2nd stage of Demino marathons Super Cup Powerup 2020-2021
    button ski


    XIV Traditional International DEMINO SKI MARATHON FIS/ WORLDLOPPET 2021.

    Marathon Cup

    Demino marathons Super Cup Powerup 2020-2021.
    20/08/2014 From Cykkel Vasan to Ultra Vasan

    CykelVasan’s races are finished, and it’s time to aim our focus towards the 7000 runners that are about to conquer the Vasalopp’s trails. Saturday August 23rd the classic VasaStafetten will be run along with the newly introduced UltraVasan 45 and UltraVasan 90. Vasaloppet would like to welcome all media to join us in monitoring and reporting from these events – below are all important information and time schedules for our largest running celebration of the summer.

    It is time for the premier of UltraVasan. From all corners of the world racers will meet to conquer the highly historic path between Sälen and Mora. At the break of dawn participants will run over marshes, past streams and by sunrise they will enter into the coniferous forest that line the trails down to Mora. UltraVasan 90 is a terrain race and starts as the traditional Vasaloppet in Sälen. It will follow the trails eastward towards Mora. The race offers both a men’s and a women’s class. UltraVasan 45 is ran on the same day and also offers a men’s and a women’s class. It follows the same trails but will start in Oxberg.

    The 90 kilometer race is fully booked and 30% of the runners represents 25 foreign countries. The start list of runners includes world known long distance elite runners that run distances far longer than marathons.

    The VasaStafetten, which this year holds a record of team registrations (542 teams on August 18th ) first started in 1991, but in 2008 Vasaloppet brought it in under their management. This relay race also follows our ancestors’ trails along the famous paths between Sälen and Mora. Every team consists of 10 runners and it offers three differents classes, women, men and mixed; with no age limits. The runners will run anywhere from 4,5-15,1km.


    August 22, Breakfast Run at 09.00 am – Meet the world elite within ultra running during a morning jog from Eldris to Mora. Pre reservation only, limited availability. To register please email ola.granfeldt@vasaloppet.se or call +46733-550620.

    August 22, Press conference at 12.00 pm – Representatives from Vasaloppet and from the Race Direction will host a press conference in Vasaloppets Hus regarding the race and the tracks. Interviews will be held with pre race favorites in UltraVasan 45 and UltraVasan 90, accompanied by lunch at Shimano Café & Restaurang at 12.45 pm. To register please email ola.granfeldt@vasaloppet.se or call +46733-550620.

    August 23, Press transportation – We are offering the press an opportunity to follow the elite in UltraVasan 90 closely, along the track, by car. Pre reservation only, limited availability. To register please email ola.granfeldt@vasaloppet.se or call +46733-550620.

    August 23, Post race interviews about 11.40 am – No official press conference is organized after the races. Interviews with the participants can be arranged after they finish. UltraVasan’s elite runners will be available at a temporary lounge at the bottom floor in Shimano Café & Restaurang after completing the race. Access to the lounge will only be approved by PR Manager Ola Granfeldt +46733-550620.


    UltraVasan 90, August 23 – Start Sälen at 05.00 am. First participants passing Oxberg approximately at 09.40am. Estimated finish at 11.40am.

    UltraVasan 45, August 23 – Start Oxberg at 08.00am. First participants passing Hökberg approximately at 09.50am. Estimated finish at 11.00am.

    VasaStafetten, August 23 – Start Sälen at 08.00am. First relay exchange Oxberg approximately at 11.30am. Estimated finish at 1pm.

    To track individual participants, download the app “Vasaloppet Sommar 2014” (Iphone and Android) or order our SMS - service, read more about it on www.vasaloppet.se.


    No accreditation necessary for media. Accreditation is required for photographers taking pictures throughout the race. Please check out your photo vest at the reception desk at Vasaloppets Hus, Mora.

    No specific press center is offered for the UltraVasan on racing day, Saturday August 23rd.

    However, Vasaloppet’s representatives will be at your service at the start in Sälen and at the finish in Mora. If a private area is needed to write, please contact Ola Granfeldt, PR Manager Vasaloppet.

    Facts Guide Sommar 2014 (Swedish only)
    The Facts Guide Sommar 2014 provides you with all the information and statistics regarding our events. We offer a digital version on www.vasaloppet.se/faktaguide, or pick up a hard copy at the reception desk at Vasaloppets Hus, Mora.

    Start and results lists.
    Start and results lists are listed on http://media.vasaloppet.se/2014/?lang=EN

    Username: vasa
    Password: media

    Photos and Press releases
    Photos from the race will be published in Vasaloppet’s press room at http://www.mynewsdesk.com/se/vasaloppet

    Accommodations for media
    Any specific accommodations for media are not offered by the Vasaloppet’s administration. We recommend that you book your accommodations in Sälen/Lindvallen. To book, you may contact SkiStar at www.skistar.com/cykelvasan. If you prefer to stay in Mora, you may book your accommodations at www.siljan.se.

    Opportunity for journalists to participate in the races
    We reserve a few free spots for media to participate in the races. If you are interested to participate and to report live from the trail, contact ola.granfeldt@vasaloppet.se. Please include a description of what you plan to report. First come, first serve. Attention! Registration is personal and not transferable.

    Associated events
    The entire program from Vasaloppet’s Summer week can be found on www.vasaloppet.se

    Contributed by: Vasaloppet