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Rostec Demino ski marathon FIS/Worldloppet 2020 -


* The biggest ski marathon in Russia


* 3rd Free Technique ski marathon in the world by number of finishers


Happy Birthday!

Андрей Шевалиев RUS 27.10
Евгений Кадлубинский RUS 27.10
Дмитрий Евмененко RUS 27.10
Даниил Марковский RUS 27.10
Сергей Исаенко RUS 27.10
Константин Виноградов RUS 27.10
Елена Балашова RUS 27.10
Дмитрий Иванов RUS 27.10
Юрий Богомолов RUS 27.10
Александр Проскуряков RUS 27.10
Michelle Osullivan GBR 27.10
Александр Ходеев RUS 27.10
Дана Тихомирова RUS 27.10
Артем Евстратов RUS 27.10
Армен Погосян RUS 27.10
Константин Виноградов RUS 27.10
Дмитрий Ретин RUS 27.10
Андрей Епифанов RUS 27.10
Арина Соловьева RUS 27.10
Влада Смирнова RUS 27.10
Николай Оришин RUS 27.10
Александра Андреева RUS 27.10
Дмитрий Ломов RUS 27.10
Лидия Снопикова RUS 27.10
Яромир Ябеков RUS 27.10
Алена Чекарева RUS 27.10
Рустем Сафин RUS 27.10
Андрей Шевалиев RUS 27.10
Александр Ломан RUS 27.10


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    Running half marathon

    Traditional Demino cross-country running half-marathon 2020.

    1st stage of Demino marathons Super Cup Powerup 2021-2022

    Cycling marathon

    Cross country cycling marathon.

    2nd stage of Demino marathons Super Cup Powerup 2021-2022

    Light Trail cross

    IV Salomon Demino running trail.

    3nd stage of Demino marathons Super Cup Powerup 2021-2022
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    XV Traditional International DEMINO SKI MARATHON FIS/ WORLDLOPPET 2022.
    22/06/2015 La Transjurassienne will host the 2015 Congress of the Worldloppet Ski Federation

    From June 25 to June 27 in Champagnole (located in the Jura Mountains), La Transjurassienne will host the 2015 Congress of the Worldloppet Ski Federation, the international organization regrouping the 20 most prestigious long-distance cross-country skiing events worldwide.

    For the 3rd time in the Worldloppet history, after Les Rousses 1987 and Morez in 2001, the member-nations will meet in the Jura Mountains under the presidency of Angelo Corradini, the Worldloppet General Secretary and President of la Marcialonga (ITA), and Hervé Balland, the President of Trans'Organisation.

    Coming from 4 continents, 60 representatives of 19 out of the 20 most famous long-distance events worldwide are expected in the Jura Massif (Japan only will be missing): Oceanians from the Kangaroo Hoppet (AUS) and the Merino Muster Race (NZE); Asians from the Vasaloppet China (CHI); Americans from the American Birkebeiner (USA), the Gatineau Loppet (CAN) and the Ushuaia Loppet (ARG); and to top it off, the Europeans from the Jizerská Padesátka (CZE), the Dolomitenlauf (AUT), the Marcialonga (ITA), the König Ludwig Lauf (GER), the Tartu Maraton (EST), the Finlandia-hiihto (FIN), the mythical Vasaloppet (SWE), the Engadin Skimarathon (SWI), the Birkebeinerrennet (NOR), the Bieg Piastow (POL), the Demino Ski Marathon (RUS), the Fossavatn Ski Marathon (ISL)... and of course the legendary Transjurassienne!

    "130 000 racers of 50 nationalities participate each year in these high-level mass events", Hervé Balland comments. Among them, more than 5000 "Masters", these extraordinary skiers who have raced at least 10 Worldloppet events, including one overseas. The fact that this international Congress is once again taking place in France shows the strong confidence the Worldloppet members have in La Transjurassienne, represented in the Worldloppet Executive committee by our Vice-President Annette Lamy Chappuis."

    • Discover the Jura Mountains.- In order to take a break from their dense workshops, the Worldloppet delegates will take the opportunity to discover some of the most beautiful regional sites: a visit of the Comté cheese ageing cellars in the Saint-Antoine Fort (Maison Petite) as well as a private visit of the Besançon Citadel guided by Vauban himself are already on the agenda...
    • Press conference on Friday, June 26, from 16h00 to 17h00,

    At the Hotel Bois Dormant, in Champagnole.

    In the presence of Aurélie DABUDYK and Benoît CHAUVET (FRA), both n°2 in the 2014/15 FIS Marathon Cup general ranking.

    Contributed by: Trans jurassienne