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Rostec Demino ski marathon FIS/Worldloppet 2020 -


* The biggest ski marathon in Russia


* 3rd Free Technique ski marathon in the world by number of finishers


Happy Birthday!

Андрей Медведев RUS 19.01
Alakuijala Martti FIN 19.01
Евгений Сухих RUS 19.01
Андрей Потапов RUS 19.01
Дмитрий Милушкин RUS 19.01
Сергей Васильев RUS 19.01
Christophe Podico FRA 19.01
Денис Крылов RUS 19.01
Михаил Максимов RUS 19.01
Татьяна Прокофьева RUS 19.01
Александр Крюков RUS 19.01
Алексей Дикарев RUS 19.01
Олег Павленков RUS 19.01
Александр Веселов RUS 19.01
Талгат Раузетдинов RUS 19.01
Алексей Федоров RUS 19.01
Андрей Гурленов RUS 19.01
Александр Михайлов RUS 19.01
Сергей Тепляков RUS 19.01
Денис Петухов RUS 19.01
Анна Шкурина RUS 19.01
Всеволод Соловьев RUS 19.01
Владислав Данковцев RUS 19.01
Дарья Безлепкина RUS 19.01
Veli Rautiainen FIN 19.01
Николай Милованов RUS 19.01
Дмитрий Лебедев RUS 19.01
Евгений Копытов RUS 19.01
Андрей Пшенко RUS 19.01
Дмитрий Волгин RUS 19.01
Илья Войтович RUS 19.01
Егор Гребенщиков RUS 19.01
Екатерина Иванова RUS 19.01
Сергей Поворов RUS 19.01
Константин Дьяков RUS 19.01
Владимир Римар RUS 19.01
Кирилл Рыжкин RUS 19.01


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    Running half marathon

    Traditional Demino cross-country running half-marathon 2020.

    1st stage of Demino marathons Super Cup Powerup 2021-2022

    Cycling marathon

    Cross country cycling marathon.

    2nd stage of Demino marathons Super Cup Powerup 2021-2022

    Light Trail cross

    IV Salomon Demino running trail.

    3nd stage of Demino marathons Super Cup Powerup 2021-2022
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    XV Traditional International DEMINO SKI MARATHON FIS/ WORLDLOPPET 2022.
    From 15 to 18 October, the annual gathering of all Nordic ski journalists, the FORUM NORDICUM, was held in Val di Fiemme, the host of the 2013 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships. This meeting brings together Nordic ski journalists, both international federations, the FIS and the IBU, World Cup and other winter sport event organisers, ski companies and other companies, related to Nordic winter sports! A perfect place to present Worldloppet and its races to a wider audience of interested ski journalists. Not to forget, that it is in Val di Fiemme, more precisely in Predazzo, with a view to the jumping hills, that Worldloppet has its head quarter! Val di Fiemme is also home to Marcialonga, one of the Worldloppet races which functions also as FIS Marathon Cup and which runs from Val di Fassa through to Val di Fiemme with its finish in Cavalese.

    Worldloppet"s Secretary General, Angelo Corradini had the pleasure to inform the assembled journalists, that the interest in marathon skiing is still constantly growing. Almost 126.000 skiers participated last season in Worldloppet races all over the world and the demand is still rising! The Marcialonga and the Vasaloppet were all sold out in minutes!!! That the interest is not only high in Europe can be seen in the fact that also the American Birkebeiner is sold out already!!! This race will be a FIS Marathon Cup this season and has therefore risen the interest of many skiers in the US and Canada to participate in this race with the best in the world doing the same course at the same time (only maybe not in the same time...;-)!)! The US also still holds first place concerning passport holders (1633)! They are followed by Germany (1462) and Italy (1078). Last year, Worldloppet could congratulate 242 new Worldloppet Masters. They have completed 10 Worldloppet races in the long distance with at least one race oversees.

    After the Worldloppet presentation it was time to give the floor to Gloria Trettel (Marcialonga Secretary General), who then took a tour through 40 years of Marcialonga and informed about this year"s race. Marcialonga, since the biggest and most famous marathon ski race in Italy, is also very present at the new exhibition “Ski Past” which has just recently been opened in Trento, the capital of the region Trentino. It is housed in an old street tunnel in Trento, which was converted into an exhibition area a couple of years back. The exhibition, the first one of its kind in Italy, looks on the past of skiing in general and in Italy especially, specially focusing on Nordic skiing. All guests of the Forum Nordicum including the Worldloppet delegation had the unique opportunity to have a sneak preview of the exhibition hence its official opening was scheduled for just a few days later.

    One of the ski firms hosting an evening during the Forum Nordicum invited the Aukland brothers to come over and represent their brand. It was a unique opportunity for most of the journalists who normally are present at World Cup events and less at Worldloppet and FIS Marathon Cup races. It is not often that Worldloppet skiers are invited to these evening since normally the interest is higher in World Cup racers. Another evidence that the interest in Worldloppet and long distance skiing is rising. A lot of interesting questions arose and both, Jörgen and Anders Aukland, showed that they are not only great skiers, but also into marathon skiing with their full heart and great ambassadors for long distance skiing, explaining the gathered journalists the specialty of long distance racing.

    Some pictures of the Forum Nordicum can be found on Worldloppet"s Facebook page:
    The information is given by the WORLDLOPPET SKI FEDERATION