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Rostec Demino ski marathon FIS/Worldloppet 2020 -


* The biggest ski marathon in Russia


* 3rd Free Technique ski marathon in the world by number of finishers


Happy Birthday!

Олег Бредо RUS 25.10
Никита Евсеев RUS 25.10
Александр Карпунин RUS 25.10
Part Andres EST 25.10
Никита Лебедев RUS 25.10
Александр Быстров RUS 25.10
Vladimir Zaspenko LAT 25.10
Иван Ульянов RUS 25.10
Анастасия Каримова RUS 25.10
Дмитрий Фиалковский RUS 25.10
Борис Игнатенко RUS 25.10
Матвей Нейман RUS 25.10
Максим Кузмичев RUS 25.10
Николай Дементьев RUS 25.10
Алексей Крутихин RUS 25.10
Антон Андронов RUS 25.10
Георгий Простин RUS 25.10
Максим Евсюков RUS 25.10
Алексей Смирнов RUS 25.10
Андрей Гетьман RUS 25.10
Виктор Смирнов RUS 25.10
Константин Сутягин RUS 25.10
Александр Сычев RUS 25.10
Алексей Ковалев RUS 25.10
Янн Штрауб RUS 25.10
Алексей Кургузов RUS 25.10
Станислав Бадышев RUS 25.10
Олег Клюшин RUS 25.10
Алексей Стряпчев RUS 25.10


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    Running half marathon

    XI Traditional Demino cross-country running half-marathon 2020.

    1st stage of Demino marathons Super Cup Powerup 2020-2021

    Light Trail cross

    III Salomon Demino running trail.

    2nd stage of Demino marathons Super Cup Powerup 2020-2021
    button ski


    XIV Traditional International DEMINO SKI MARATHON FIS/ WORLDLOPPET 2021.

    Registration for Rostec Demino ski marathon Worldloppet will start on November 1, 2020

    Marathon Cup

    Demino marathons Super Cup Powerup 2020-2021.

    Live video. Day 1


    Закажи паспорт
    Как добраться?
    Новости марафонов

    04/03/2013 Jorgen Aukland, Norway, won Vasaloppet 2013, and thereby repeated his 2008 victory Jörgen Aukland, who won Vasaloppet 2008 and also has a further five previous top placings, took today Norway’s fourth Vasaloppet victory over the years. Ole Ellefsaeter, 1971, and Anders Aukland, 2004, are the other Norwegian winners.

    14,708 (preliminary figure) of the 15,800 registered entries came to the start for the 89th Vasaloppet. The two Norwegians Roger Aa Djupvik and Chris André Jespersen broke away early and were first to Smågan. They also passed Mångsbodarna together, two minutes ahead of the following group.

    Just before Evertsberg, Jespersen let go and Roger Aa Djupvik could take his fourth spurt prize, the Hill Prize in Evertsberg. The large following group were at that point 1.22 behind the leader. But just before Oxberg at 62 km even Djupvik was caught up by the group, in which were most of the beforehand favourites. The Oxberg spurt prize was taken by the World Championship skier Jens Eriksson.

    After 70 kms and three hours skiing the speed was very well maintained by the two men from Dalarna, Daniel Tynell and Jens Eriksson, in the sixteen man strong leading group. Tynell took the spurt prize in Hökberg.

    The leader group split up more after that and at the last control in Eldris there were just six men at the head: Jens Eriksson, Daniel Tynell, Jörgen Aukland, his older brother Anders Aukland, Jörgen Brink and Stanislav Rezác.

    Eriksson and Rezác had to let go with about one kilometre left, and so the leading group then was just four previous Vasaloppet winners! Who would win today? Aukland & Aukland were first over the Aukland Bridge (named after Jörgen 2008) and the first who swung into the finishing straight was in fact Jörgen Aukland. He ground down the others who had no chance of victory in the long spurt in. Jörgen Aukland’s second Vasaloppet victory! The victory margin to the second man, Daniel Tynell, was two seconds, and third was Anders Aukland. The winning time was 3.50.48, the fifth fastest winner’s time ever.

    Jörgen Aukland was the very first Vasaloppet winner to win the race without grip wax. In his victory interview he said:
    “I’m madly pleased. I’ve got the worst spurt of us all so I tested by pushing on again and again, and then took up speed towards the finish, but they didn’t come after me, so I won! That I could beat Brink and Tynell in a spurt is really something quite special!”

    Daniel Tynell’s second place is his seventh top placing in Vasaloppet. Daniel Tynell said: “I’m really glad and I managed to fix enormous form for just today. I got everything I had out of myself today, and I feel that Jörgen is so totally worth his victory. They worked away so tough & hard towards the end, and I felt I didn’t have that strength”.

    The veteran: Bengt Eriksson, Sweden, 82 years old, completed his 6oth Vasalopp today. His first race was in 1953!

    About the Ladies Class

    Last year’s second Laila Kveli, from Norway, was long in the lead in the ladies class, but after Risberg she was passed by last year’s third, Seraina Boner. The Swiss Boner won the Hill Prize in Evertsberg, 42 seconds before Kveli. On the Lundbäcksbacken the two were together again but Kveli got away from the Swiss and won by one and a half minutes. The winning time was 4.22.22, the third best ladies winning time ever in Vasaloppet. In third place was Sandra Hansson.

    So, for the second year in a row, there was a Norwegian ladies class winner. Laila Kveli has then perhaps a little revenge for her second place in TjejVasan last Saturday.
    “At last!! After Hökberg I felt I had a grip on things”, said Laila Kveli.

    “Laila was stronger, but I’m happy with my race”, said Seraina Boner, second.

    Entry registration to the 90th Vasaloppet 2 March 2014 and the other races in Vasaloppet’s winter week 2014 opens Sunday 17 March at 08.00, on vasaloppet.se

    Spurt Prize winners 2013
    Smågan: Roger Aa Djupvik, Norway, 29.34
    Mångsbodarna: Roger Aa Djupvik, Norway, 1.00.39
    Risberg: Roger Aa Djupvik, Norway, 1.27.33
    Evertsberg: Roger Aa Djupvik, Norway, 2.02.37 and Seraina Boner, Switzerland, 2.16.59
    Oxberg: Jens Eriksson, Dala-Floda IF, 2.38.42
    Hökberg: Daniel Tynell, Grycksbo IF OK, 3.02.21
    Eldris: Jens Eriksson, Dala-Floda IF, 3.27.46

    RESULTS Vasaloppet 2013, men:
    1 Jörgen Aukland (NOR) 3.50.48
    2 Daniel Tynell (SWE) 3.50.50
    3 Anders Aukland (NOR) 3.50.51
    4 Jörgen Brink (SWE) 3.50.55
    5 Jens Eriksson (SWE) 3.51.05
    6 Stanislav Rezác (CZE) 3.51.13
    7 John Kristian Dahl (NOR) 3.52.06
    8 Johan Kjölstad (NOR) 3.52.07
    9 Audun Laugaland (NOR) 3.52.07
    10 Thomas Henriksen (NOR) 3.52.27

    RESULTS Vasaloppet 2013, ladies:
    1 Laila Kveli (NOR) 4.22.22
    2 Seraina Boner (SUI) 4.23.51
    3 Sandra Hansson (SWE) 4.31.51
    4 Jenny Hansson (SWE) 4.35.46
    5 Susanne Nyström (SWE) 4.37.56
    6 Britta Johansson Norgren (SWE) 4.39.25
    7 Stephanie Santer (ITA) 4.45.31
    8 Olga Michailova (RUS) 4.47.59
    9 Annika Löfström (SWE) 4.48.16
    10 Nina Lintzén (SWE) 4.48.56