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Rostec Demino ski marathon FIS/Worldloppet 2020 -


* The biggest ski marathon in Russia


* 3rd Free Technique ski marathon in the world by number of finishers


Happy Birthday!

Ольга Царева RUS 25.01
Егор Бараев RUS 25.01
Евгений Друганов RUS 25.01
Андрей Иванов RUS 25.01
Сергей Васильев RUS 25.01
Андрей Георгиевский RUS 25.01
Анастасия Глотова RUS 25.01
Антон Авсенкин RUS 25.01
Михаил Соловьев RUS 25.01
Анастасия Смирнова RUS 25.01
Михаил Уголков RUS 25.01
Андрей Костин RUS 25.01
Мария Куприянова RUS 25.01
Станислав Ильин RUS 25.01
Matija Starman SLO 25.01
Виталий Котонен RUS 25.01
Арина Лебедева RUS 25.01
Сергей Жарков RUS 25.01
Татьяна Федосеева RUS 25.01
Юрий Богословцев RUS 25.01
Кирилл Михайлов RUS 25.01
Диля Сапукова RUS 25.01


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    Running half marathon

    XI Traditional Demino cross-country running half-marathon 2020.

    1st stage of Demino marathons Super Cup Powerup 2020-2021

    Light Trail cross

    III Salomon Demino running trail.

    2nd stage of Demino marathons Super Cup Powerup 2020-2021
    button ski


    XIV Traditional International DEMINO SKI MARATHON FIS/ WORLDLOPPET 2021.

    Registration for Rostec Demino ski marathon Worldloppet will start on November 1, 2020

    Marathon Cup

    Demino marathons Super Cup Powerup 2020-2021.


    Lack of access rights - File 'http:/marathon.demino.com/uploaded/Italian%20team.jpg'
    Lack of access rights - File 'http:/marathon.demino.com/uploaded/finnish.jpg'
    Lack of access rights - File 'http:/marathon.demino.com/uploaded/slovakian-skiers1.jpg'

    Thanks to Demino Ski Marathon from foreign skiers!

    we have really appreciate your help.
    You have a great course and very nice organization, Demino is a very good location for such a race. we really enjoyed the race and the time we spent there.
    On sunday we had also a quick look at Mosca, it has been nice.

    Thank you,
    all the best. Antonella and the italian team
    20 Finnish skiers would like to thank the organizers of Demino Ski Maraton of the
    good arrangements. It was really interesting to go skiing for the first time in our
    neighboring country.
    The profiles of tracks are one of the best in Worldloppet series and
    perfect for us a veteran skiers. Most of us skied both days.
    During our trip we visited Rybinsk, but also historical Yaroslavl and Moscow -
    and Russian railways (Helsinki-Moscow-Helsinki).
    At the same time we want to thank our splendid guide Elena.
    We will probably see in the next cross-country skiing in Demino.
    On behalf of the whole Finnish Team

    Juha Toivonen
    Thanks for beautiful experience and nice Demino Marathon
    from Slovakian Ski Team.
    Hi Demino friends!
    Gloria Trettel and Epp Paal already give me some fast Demino marathon info and I can redirect you their happiness, compliments and congratulations !!!!
    Angelo Corradini, Worldloppet Secretary General

    Thanks for warm welcome in Demino! I think you have to realize that you cannot make all people happy as much as you try. You must be proud of your work this year, no matter what skiers say! J The positive vibe of your team was on all the event. You can see it from the distance if something has been done by hart or not. And there is always “a weather factor”. With good weather skiers do not see the things they see in hard conditions. Unfortunately this year you could not enjoy maximum result because of hard snowfall and wind. As much as I talked to WL skiers, everyone was happy. So keep up this way!

    Epp Paal, FIS Marathon Cup Race CoordinatorWorldloppet Ski Federation

    Dorogie druzja,
    moi druzja posestshali Deminskij marafon. Uspeshno. Sovsem 20 celovek iz Cechii i Slovakii.Spasibo za pomosc. V buduscem godu priedem opjat.Krasivuju vesnu i mnogo zdorovia.
    Petr Brecík

    Hello !

    What a phantastic organisation you have in your race. I was on 50 km saturday it was great! Thank you!
    Pascal PANNATIER, Switzerland