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Rostec Demino ski marathon FIS/Worldloppet 2020 -


* The biggest ski marathon in Russia


* 3rd Free Technique ski marathon in the world by number of finishers


Happy Birthday!

Ольга Подчуфарова RUS 05.08
Олег Ларюшкин RUS 05.08
Владимир Шлепин RUS 05.08
Владислав Дульцев RUS 05.08
Нина Зыкова RUS 05.08
Сергей Дмитренко RUS 05.08
Влад Ворохов RUS 05.08
Андрей Толстошеин RUS 05.08
Pascal Thomet FRA 05.08
Роман Петухов RUS 05.08
Борис Цветков RUS 05.08
Александр Куликов RUS 05.08
Ирина Зайцева RUS 05.08
Сергей Стрючков RUS 05.08
Андрей Дианов RUS 05.08
Ксения Кузнецова RUS 05.08
Павел Папуш RUS 05.08
Владимир Пермяков RUS 05.08
Алексей Смирнов RUS 05.08
Михаил Щепалов RUS 05.08
Владимир Самоделов RUS 05.08
Евгений Никитин RUS 05.08
Владислав Врублевский RUS 05.08
Олег Мищенко RUS 05.08
Никита Власовский RUS 05.08
Angelika Ronge AUT 05.08
Евгений Русаков RUS 05.08
Pavel Siniauski BLR 05.08
Денис Теляков RUS 05.08
Angelika Merten GER 05.08
Денис Кузьмин RUS 05.08
Диана Махаличева RUS 05.08
Иван Чадов RUS 05.08
Юлия Князева RUS 05.08
Варвара Гладилкина RUS 05.08
Роман Мишин RUS 05.08
Дмитрий Мишарин RUS 05.08
Евгений Хабаров RUS 05.08
Дмитрий Иванов RUS 05.08


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    Running half marathon

    Traditional Demino cross-country running half-marathon 2020.

    1st stage of Demino marathons Super Cup Powerup 2021-2022

    Cycling marathon

    Cross country cycling marathon.

    2nd stage of Demino marathons Super Cup Powerup 2021-2022

    Light Trail cross

    IV Salomon Demino running trail.

    3nd stage of Demino marathons Super Cup Powerup 2021-2022
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    XV Traditional International DEMINO SKI MARATHON FIS/ WORLDLOPPET 2022.
    13/08/2012 A total of over 10,500 cyclists from 17 nations participated in the 4th CykelVasan! Sweden’s largest mountainbike race by far

    For the second successive year Jesper Dahlström, Team Cykelcity, won the spurt in CykelVasan after the 94 km from Sälen to Mora. The German Nina Gässler, Hardrock Proteinfabrikken/Geilo IL, dominated the ladies class which she won by a margin of almost 6 minutes.

    A total of over 10,500 cyclists from 17 nations participated in the 4th CykelVasan! Sweden’s largest mountainbike race by far.

    Of these more than 7,400 MTB cyclists on Saturday morning were at the Vasaloppet start in Berga by to take on the 94 kms on mainly forest roads, trails and gravel tracks down to Mora. (Already on Friday afternoon over 3,100 had completed CykelVasan’s shorter races over, respectively, 30 km and 45 km.)

    The hill prize in Evertsberg (halfway) was won by Emil Lindgren at the head of a 21-strong leading group. The Swedish Olympic committee had, earlier in the summer, not selected him for the Olympic Games even though he had qualified. Instead he now hoped for his first CykelVasan victory; his previous best placing was 2nd place in 2010.

    But the leader group held together through all the famous Vasalopp controls and in the final spurt towards the classic finish portal in Mora, it was Jesper Dahlström who was fastest, just as last year. Jesper Dahlström thus became the first to successfully defend a CykelVasan victory. At the finish line the first ten cyclists were all over within one second – so extremely level and tight to the very last!

    After the race Jesper said that he had not been in good form all season, that he’d felt bad and experienced a real downward slump – it turned out that he could not have been more wrong!

    In spite of this, after half the race he was in the leader group and feeling very fresh. He was active in the group and was up and pulling things along. For the last 5 kilometres everyone geared up for a tough sprint in to Mora with a real bull run and fight for position. Among other things, Matthias Wengelin fell a kilometre from the finish and was out of the game.

    The two Dalarna cyclists, Lars Bleckur, Föreningen Cykloteket Racing Team, and Emil Lindgren, Rabobank-Giant Offroad Team, were second and third respectively; both felt that Jesper Dahlström was a worthy winner.

    Emil Lindgren was rather pleased with his third place, since CykelVasan doesn’t really suit him and his preference for technically more demanding tracks. The in form Lars Bleckur was also pleased with the race.

    On the ladies’ side, it was a CykelVasan debut for the German Nina Gässler, now living in Geilo in Norway. A week ago she won Grenserittet and now follows a triumph in CykelVasan, six minutes before Jennie Stenerhag from Falun CK in second place, and third placed Borghild Lövseth, Norway.

    37-year old Gässler previously has a rowing career with World Championship gold behind her. But now it is MTB to the fore. She also won the hill prize in Evertsberg, already there almost three minutes before the next best lady. At the finish Nina’s time was just over nine minutes behind the leading men’s group.

    Nina Gässler has moved to Scandinavia because “it’s so nice here and people are not getting so unnecessarily agitated about the world economy and other things as the Germans do!” Nina has also skied Vasaloppet, but with a bad time, so she’s going to do it again so she can avoid seeing that bad time…

    Jennie Stenerhag, the former road cyclist from Falun, is currently living in South Africa and will now switch over fully to mountainbike. She won Engelbrektsturen two weeks ago and now has a second placing in CykelVasan.

    The winning man and the winning lady are both awarded 20,000 SEK.

    CykelVasan, competition class 94 km Sälen-Mora, men, 2012-08-11
    1. Dahlström, Jesper (SWE) Team Cykelcity, 02:47:20
    2. Bleckur, Lars (SWE) Föreningen Cykloteket Racing Team 02:47:20
    3. Lindgren, Emil (SWE) Rabobank-Giant Offroad Team 02:47:20
    4. Jonsson, Olof (SWE) Alingsås SC/Allebike 02:47:20
    5. Repshus, Steffan (NOR) Elverum 02:47:20
    6. Vika, Joakim (NOR) Brumunddal SK 02:47:21
    7. Kjören, Ola (NOR) Team Herbalife 02:47:21
    8. Darvell, Magnus (SWE) Team Kalas/Pedalogerna 02:47:21
    9. Landström, Johan (SWE) Team Cykelcity 02:47:21
    10. Nordskar, Jo (NOR) 02:47:21
    11. Longo, Tony (ITA) TX Active Bianchi 02:47:21
    12. Lindgren, Johan (SWE) Team Shimano 02:47:22
    13. Brengdahl, Daniel (SWE) Cykelklubben Hymer 02:47:24
    14. Fiskvik, Anders (NOR) Brumunddal SK 02:47:25
    15. Fiskvik, Eirik (NOR) Savalen 02:47:25
    16. Ingeby, Kristoffer (SWE) Örebrocyklisterna 02:47:26
    17. Carlsson, Stefan (SWE) Kolmårdens Mountainbikeklubb 02:47:27
    18. Palmberg, Magnus (SWE) OK Hammaren 02:47:32
    19. Lierhagen, Kjell Arild (NOR) Nes 02:47:41
    20. Wengelin, Matthias (SWE) Team Kalas/Herbalife 02:49:17

    CykelVasan, competition class 94 km Sälen-Mora, ladies, 2012-08-11
    1. Gässler, Nina (GER) Hardrock-Proteinfabrikken Geilo IL 02:56:40
    2. Stenerhag, Jennie (SWE) Falu CK 03:02:36
    3. Lövseth, Borghild (NOR) Norway 03:02:36
    4. Trönnes, Hanne (NOR) Norway 03:02:36
    5. Trönnes, Mari (NOR) Norway 03:02:38
    6. Thelberg, Emmy (SWE) Härnösands Cykelklubb 03:04:00
    7. Salinger, Sandra (SWE) Värnamo CK 03:05:39
    8. Berglund, Ann (SWE) IK Hakarpspojkarna 03:09:36
    9. Ferner, Felicia (SWE) Borlänge CK 03:11:08
    10. Larsson, Nellie (SWE) CKX 03:12:05
    11. Nyström, Susanne (SWE) Team Anders Skishop 03:12:24
    12. Rissveds, Jenny (SWE) Falu CK 03:13:21
    13. Snihs, Kajsa (SWE) 03:13:37
    14. Edvardsson, Angelica (SWE) Cykloteket Racing Team 03:13:37
    15. Weideborg, Siw Elin (NOR) Brumunddal SK 03:16:17
    16. Thomasson, Cecilia (SWE) 03:17:03
    17. Trönnes, Tone (NOR) Norway 03:17:57
    18. Brendengen, Heidi (NOR) Ullensaker sykkeklubb 03:18:28
    19. Östvold Kulseth, Sissel (NOR) Lillehammer CK 03:19:36
    20. Bolstad, Ragnhild (NOR) 03:20:23

    Footnote: Hill prizes in Evertsberg taken by Emil Lindgren and Nina Gässler.

    NB! See statistics, intermediate times and all results at:

    Photos of the winners from CykelVasan 2012 for free publication here:

    Kranskulla: Johanna Axelsson. Kransmas: Jonas Nilsson.

    Contributed by: Vasaloppet