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05.03.2018 01:38:14
Hi, When will you upload the complete result list?
20.02.2018 13:00:45
The skier
In which language and what kind of text must be a medical certificate?
Alexander Ignatiev
Dear Jan! Foreign participants do not need to present a medical certificate! Best regards, Alexander Ignatiev
08.02.2018 16:41:17
Transportation to the competition venue
I will stay at a hotel near the Rybinsk Station. I would like to ask what transportation to the competition venue.
Elena Balashova
Dear Hiroshi, we'll glad to see you at the Demino ski marathon!There are two variants to get to the start - bus for foreign participant from our partner Rybinsk tourist center and the common bus for all the participants. We've sent a letter to you e-mail. Let's communicate there. Best regards, Elena Balashova
21.01.2018 14:45:02
Notable to register my self in 50Ft race
I have an account at your site for register my self for participating in Marathon. I also registered my self today in 25CT marathon. But when I register my self in 50FT marathon I am facing some problem in registration in 50FT with my account, that when I filled the complete details and click the button register a massage shown on the computer that The user with such data was registered already. Therefore, please help me to register my self in 50FT marathon.
Elena Balashova
Dear Kumar, the broblem was solved already. Best regards, Elena Balashova
30.12.2017 18:38:24
Registration Worldloppet 2018
Rocco Lenz
I have an account, but I still can not register online because it is closed today. How can I still restructure myself? I would like to participate in both main runs on 03. + 04.03.2018. With sporting regards, Rocco
Elena Balashova
Dear Rocco, The thing is that the first period of registration was finished on December 29. And now from January 1, 2018, the second period is opened, you may register online without any problems. Best regards, Elena Balashova
22.12.2017 18:09:14
Start list
Where can I check the start list?
Elena Balashova
Dear Jose Luis, the official start list will be published on the web-site on February 26, 2018. THe list of participants who've paid the entry fee is here: Best regards, Elena Balashova
05.12.2016 00:12:13
Courvoisier Fabrice
Hello, we are a group of 6 frenchies; We made the registration for the Demino race and get the message that it was succesfully done. When we did the payment with our Visa card, we , all of us, received the message : Technical error ....How can we proceed to make the payment? Is there any other possibilities to pay : direct transfer from my bank to your bank account ? Best regards
Elena Balashova
Dear Fabrice, we are glad to know that you are going to take part in the Demino Ski marathon 2017! There are some problems with the payment, sorry for the inconvenience. So, you will be able to pay your entry fee on-site in Demino while getting your starting numbers (the price will be according the period of the registration). Don't worry, we'll include you in the starting protocol for sure. Please, write us the letter to the address and specify the names of your group. Welcome to the Ski Sport Centre Demino! Elena Balashova
19.01.2015 16:11:28
Registertion Payment ???
Risto Ihamki
Hello there! I made registration and got email that it was succesful. But when I made payment with my Mastecard it didnt work. it only informed can I make payment now?
Elena Balashova
Dear Risto, we are sorry for the inconvenience. Everything is good with your payment. So, you don't need to make any other payment. Welcome to the Ski Sport Center Demino! Elena Balashova
21.02.2013 03:07:44
visa invitation letter
chris ballinger
I have heard that an invitation letter is necessary to apply for a russian visa. Does the Organizer provide the letter? Is it really needed?
Demino Ski Marathon
Dear Chris, the information you heard is right. To apply for a Russian visa, you need an official invitation and the Organizing Committee is ready to provide this document if you have already registered for the Demino Ski Marathon. Please send your request to Feel free to contact us by email for further information. Welcome to the Demino Ski Marathon!
14.02.2013 02:54:49
dear, give me hints what is best way to travel by plane to your spot.Best,Mojmir
Demino Ski Marathon
Dear Mojmir, you can fly to Moscow and then take a bus to Rybinsk city. The schedule of the buses and adresses of bus stations will be available on our web-site at the beginning of March. Please send your request to and we will advise the most convenient way of travel for you. Welcome to the Demino Ski Marathon!
09.11.2012 16:55:21
Registeraton and payment
Elena Belkova
Здравствуйте ! Hyvaa Paivaa ! Good day! Its great that Worldloppet-skiing are now also i Russia. We have been coming here from Finland to ski with a group, which has for years been the rounds of these ski events. We have a small problem with the ragisteration. All of us nothave their own e-mail address and we have not had to run the Add registeration function. My own registeration and payment is OK but I have promised 4-6 myfriends to inform and pay them. How can this problem be soved ? In addition, Jorma Poyry has not received his password, even he is registered.Can you send me his password so I can pay. Best Regards! Juha Toivonen WL-master 2791 and 3531
Demino Ski Marathon
Dear Juha, We know about the problem with the add registration. Our technician is trying to solve this problem. The password for Jorma Poyry was sent to your e-mail. Sorry for such discomfort. Good luck! Welcome to Demino!
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