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This year’s Estonia’s last big marathon, the 2nd Tartu City Marathon was held today, on October 5th. The marathon full distance won Ivar Ivanov (EST) with his personal best 2:34.27. Raivo Alla (EST) won the half-marathon distance and the Tartu City Run 10 km won Kaur Kivistik (EST).

Several minutes separated the 42,2 km marathon’s top three men when they crossed the finish line. Ivanov outpaced Latvian Valdis Nilovs with four minutes (Nilovs’ time 2:38.30) and Estonian Rait Ratassepp with more than 10 minutes (Ratassepp’s time 2:45.40).

“I’m very happy with my result. I aimed for the victory but primarily, I hoped to run faster than last year,” said Ivanov. “There are many bends and rises on this course but somehow, the course suits me very well and both years, this is the place where I have received my personal bests.”

Cyclist, Rene Mandri made also a superb race with time 2:46.32 and finished the 42 km distance as fourth, outpacing his personal best with 40 minutes!

The best marathon woman was Mari Boikov, who received overall 16th place, her time was 3:03.11. “My goal was to outrun my so far personal best 3:09 from one month ago Tallinn Marathon. After the 30th kilometer I remained behind the group and it was tough, but I managed to do it,” said Boikov.

This year, the Tartu City Marathon’s half-marathon, 21,2 km was organized for the first time. The winner was Raivo Alla with time 1:11:23 and was two minutes faster than Kristo Reinsalu (time 1:13.57) who finished as second. The third place went to Rauno Laumets (time 1:14.28).

“Can’t say I went to start with victory thoughts. I wanted to win but Košolev and Reinsalu are really good and known names. I ran with economical technique, I enjoyed the weather and the surroundings. Tartu City Marathon takes place in somehow very magical time! “ said Alla. The first woman to finish the 2nd Tartu City Marathon half-marathon was Sigrid Valdre.

Tartu City Run with 10 km distance won Estonia’s best steeplechaser Karu Kivistik with time 32:27. “I went for a sure victory. I couldn’t set any lower goals. There was no exotic strategy. I looked how others ran and before the finish, I speeded up,” said Kivistik. The best woman was young runner Ksenia Saytsenko with time 41:26 and she finished overall as 41st .

Photo: Kaimo Puniste