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XIV traditional international Rostec Demino FIS/Worldloppet Ski Marathon 2021. Day 1.

XIV traditional international Rostec Demino FIS/Worldloppet Ski Marathon 2021. Day 2.

On the last Sunday, January 12, in the Swiss Zuose, that is not far from St. Moritz, a classic ski marathon La Diagonella take place, which replaced Czech Jizrerska 50 canceled due to problems with the snow. This is a report of Russian-Estonian-Swedish team Vitargo, in which Turin Olympic champion Yevgeniy Dementiev took part.

Petr Kuznetsov, sport director:

- The race for the team was not easy. It was associated with a lot of moments, including organizational. Quick carrying over of the race from Czech Republic to Switzerland made ​​us a little scared for the state of our ahtletes: height, additional way, certainly left their mark. The organization of removal took away a lot of time but we managed to organize everything at a good level. We settled in five hundred meters from the start in a very good guest house. I must say that this variant was acceptable financially (Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries in Europe) .

Press conference the day before. Left to right: Algo Kyarp, Yevgeniy Dementiev, Mannima Tatiana, Tatiana Yambaeva, sport director Petr Kuznetsov

Team celebrates birthdays of Nikolay Bolotov and Tanya Mannima
The start and finish were well organized. Of course, the organizers try to promote the race to include it into a series of Ski Classics in the future. There are Marcialonga and Jizerska-50 in January, although there is a talk that the team will be able to choose the race to go by their own and what race to skip, as perhaps not all races will be counted, for example six out of eight.

Team Vitargo. Ski testing

15 minutes before the start ... Nikolay Bolotov

In the rubble which occurred because of TV snowmobile, our Nikolay Bolotov (№ 32) have broken his pole and injured chest very much... Hope he will be restored before Marcialonga.

Tanya Mannima falls on her own pole ... Chest X-ray showed that the 6th and 7th ribs are broken

Tanya Mannima. Bad luck

Kyarp was the 21st

Kyarp pursues the tiger)))

Evgeniy Dementiev and Alexei Dvoskin almost the whole race were together

Nikolay Bolotov. It was a difficult race for him. Nikolay finished with a spare pair of poles SWIX - the company has provided ski poles for our team. Great thanks to Elena Rodina!

Alexander Artemyev

Tatiana Yambaeva at finish
In general, our team's sixth place after the first stage is not what we expected, but we are optimistic about the future and we hope that we will make progress. We want to move higher, we want to show our fans, partners, possible sponsors that the team Vitargo is a serious cohesive team.
- Tell us a little about future plans of the team?

- Now we are in Austrian Obertiliah at practice session where the marathon Dolomitenlauf will be held next weekend. But the team has no plans to participate in it. Maybe someone will attend the race but like a training mode. We will be training for Marcialonga, which will be held on January, 26. Yambaeva Tatiana , Natalia Zernova, Evgeniy Dementiev , Alexander Artemyev and Nikolay Bolotov have registered for it. Alexei Dvoskin is now the leader of our team in the overall standings Ski Classics, but, unfortunately, the Organizing Committee of Marcialonga is quite strict and does not give Alexey a number in the elite. They explain this by the fact that all numbers are snaped up. Algo Kyarp wouldn't run Marcialonga. He is in Davos at practice session and will join us in the spring, and now he's preparing for the Olympics. Ivan Pavlov will take part in Konig Ludwig Lauf and will join us before Marcialonga. Unfortunately, he also hasn't got a number there, but may be we will be able to redeem amateur number so that he could be a helper for some of our girls.

Alexey Dvoskin watches closely for competitors from RMK and United Bakeries

Evgeniy Dementiev. Egor Sorin from RMK

Evgeniy Dementiev at the finish of the race

Natalia Zernova
Author: Andrey Krasnov
Translation: Balashova Elena