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XIV traditional international Rostec Demino FIS/Worldloppet Ski Marathon 2021. Day 1.

XIV traditional international Rostec Demino FIS/Worldloppet Ski Marathon 2021. Day 2.

26/01/2014 Will you come and ski as well?

Cross-country skiing is booming! Not only the increased sales figures of the sports retailers are confirming that, but also the registration status of the Engadin Skimarathon. Around six weeks before the event already more than 11’000 participants have registered.
Up to this date 11`030 participants registered for the 46th Engadin Skimarathon and for the 7th half marathon on 9th of March 2014. This means a gain of 9% compared to the previous year which already had a growing number of participants. At the 15th edition of the Frauenlauf (women’s race) the increase is even higher with 17% and 576 registered women.
For the team ranking „Companies at the Start” there are 45 teams registered. Each team consists of a minimum of four working colleagues. At least two team members have to finish the 21 km to Pontresina and at least two the 42 km to S-chanf. These company teams have a special ranking in order to award the “Engadin Skimarathon Company Champion 2014”. Promising numbers are also the team registrations for the Frauenlauf. 35 teams with each four women will participate at “Go 4 Frauenlauf”. For the team rankings, which had premiere for the first time last year, it is more the team playing spirit and the shared experience that counts than maximum performance.
The project “school classes at the start” is offered for the fourth time. 26 school classes (321 students) are participating which is an increase as well. Particular attention should be given to the fact that around 160 students travel from all over Switzerland to the Engadin and will stay overnight in civil defence facilities, group accommodations and sport halls.
It has been too many years since the record number happened. 1998 at the 30th Engadin Skimarathon with a registration of 13`527 entries was the record year. This figure is the target to beat. As the prospects are very positive the organisers are confident to beat this record this year. For example “Loipen Schweiz” had to produce a second round of cross-country ski passes, as they were all sold out before Christmas. The demand all over Switzerland was far bigger than the years before. Another good sign are the perfect snow and cross-country skiing track conditions in the Engadin. According to the weather forecast it will soon be possible to start training on snow in the northern parts of Switzerland too.

Contributed by: Engadin Skimarathon