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XIII traditional international Rostec Demino FIS/Worldloppet Ski Marathon 2020. Day 1.

XIII traditional international Rostec Demino FIS/Worldloppet Ski Marathon 2020. Day 2.

23/10/2014 Marcialonga generates millions

Marcialonga di Fiemme e Fassa XC Skiing event analysed in depth

Alice Varesco illustrates the economic impact of the ski-marathon on a local basis

Snow and ski lovers spend millions and not only in winter season

Next Marcialonga scheduled on Sunday 25 January, 2015

Marcialonga unveiled interesting aspects of its economic life and history at the first official press conference of the season, today in Trento (Italy). According to the thesis presented by graduated student in Economics and Management Alice Varesco, Marcialonga represents a unique case in which a sport event clearly and deeply affects tourism and related activities of the area, namely Val di Fiemme and Val di Fassa in Trentino region (Northern Italy). Through an online questionnaire given to people who took part in the XC Skiing event in years 2010 to 2013, Alice Varesco managed to draw a remarkable perspective on direct and indirect effects generated by Marcialonga from an economic and touristic point of observation.

As a matter of fact, some 11.000 people from outside Italy and outside Trentino, where Marcialonga has taken place since 1971, were questioned and almost 3.500 responded to the questionnaire, an extremely high percentage (31%) that represented the sample group for the analysis. According to all data gathered, it turned out that around 30% of these snow fans and ski passionates go back to Val di Fiemme and Val di Fassa also in different seasons, not only in winter, and most of them come to the area with friends and families. The total amount ‘moved in’ by the ski-marathon throughout the year is approximately 45.000 people. Having said that, the total economic turnover generated by Marcialonga was determined by a direct touristic impact when speaking about the competition week, plus an indirect impact when considering the rest of the year, and this turnover amounts to 8 million Euro roughly. One further million must be added considering the two Marcialonga Cycling Craft and Marcialonga Running events, usually held at the end of the spring or beginning of the summer, and at the beginning of September. ‘This research clearly shows how sport, tourism and economics are strictly related one to the others – stated Alice Varesco – and thanks to the high percentage of response to my questionnaire I might say that all data and information are extremely accurate and valuable. In addition, some further light has been thrown here on the fact that tourism in the area of Val di Fassa and Val di Fiemme is inextricably linked to Marcialonga throughout the entire year.’

Next Marcialonga will get on track on 25 January, 2015 and several side events will also take place during the last week-end of January. All info are on

Contributed by: Marcialonga