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XIV traditional international Rostec Demino FIS/Worldloppet Ski Marathon 2021. Day 1.

XIV traditional international Rostec Demino FIS/Worldloppet Ski Marathon 2021. Day 2.

14/11/2014 The winner is presented at the Zorn Museum in Mora

Vasaloppet now institutes a new tradition where artists are invited to compete in creating the yearly Vasaloppet motive. Of four invited artists, the jury's choice fell on Fredrik Lindqvist's two works which will now be the official theme motif for Vasaloppet's arrangements during 2015. At a press showing on Thursday, the art works were unveiled in the Zorn Museum.

The annual posters with a Vasalopps motif are a tradition which stretches back to 1935. The posters are an important symbol for this highly popular arrangement and over the years have become collectors' items. Historically the motif has been taken out in different ways from year to year but from now on Swedish artists will compete for the commission. For 2015 a jury have chosen the artist Fredrik Lindqvist's two works ”På glid mot framtida segrar” and ”Full rulle”. This winter's motif was unveiled on Thursday in the Zorn Museum and will now be leaving its special stamp on all Vasaloppets winter and summer events in 2015.

“Vasaloppet itself is a formidable bearer of Swedish tradition and culture and therefore to start up this type of collaboration is especially enjoyable. It has, in part, a value for our participants who will get a unique memento from each year. But also it is very good for the documentation of our own history in Vasaloppets Museum, where Fredrik's fine motif will be the first you see this winter”, says Anders Selling, Vasaloppet's CEO.

The jury's motivation for their choice: “Fredrik Lindqvist discovers, exactly as Vasaloppet, new and unexpected ways. In uniting traditional handicraft with a modern expression and technique, his art is equally at home in an international arena as in the local cultural heritage out of which Vasaloppet arose and developed.”

“This is really terrfic! I think the combination of sport and art is very exciting. The project has been interesting to work with and it's a good way to reach out to people who, perhaps, haven't earlier seen what I do. I myself have been an active long distance runner and it feels a lot of fun to do something which has such a strong link to Swedish sport”, says the artist, Fredrik Lindqvist.

The motif will be seen on each of the events official posters as well as on the diploma which awaits all of the 90,000 registered participants who will battling their way towards the classic finish in Mora. Vasaloppet's winners are also each presented with an example from the limited numbered edition series; this series will also be available to purchase.

About Fredrik Lindqvist

Fredrik Lindqvist was born in Kristianstad in 1968 and studied at Umeå Academy of Fine Arts and the Arts Academy of Düsseldorf. He now lives and works in Ingolstadt in Germany. For many years, Fredrik has been shown in art galleries, exhibitions and museums in both Sweden and internationally. Amongst much else, he has several times been selected to take part in the famous Spring Salon in Stockholm's Liljevalchs art venue.

Fredrik is a graphic artist and works principally with wood-cut. In his pictures he often uses clippings taken from newspapers, adverts and books, as basic original materials. These clippings are used to make a collage and afterwards drawn onto wood. The subsequent wood-cuts are then printed onto single colour or strongly patterned textiles. After all the prints are ready, they are sewn together with thick thread into a single homogeneous work.

Historic Vasalopps motif

This is not the first time that an artist has been behind the Vasalopps theme motif. The very first was a poster created by Anders Rull from Vinäs, which depicted a skier, but with Gustav Vasa as his shadow. Lars Norrman's for the 50th race in 1973 is thought by many to be the motif which left the biggest impression. Another much appreciated work was Lasse Åberg's painting in 2012. In recent years the motif has received great attention from the media, both on TV and in the national press.

Vasaloppets jury 2015

Jordi Arkö, art consultant, Dalarna County
Johan Cederlund, director, Zorn Museum
Caroline Smitmanis Smids, culture manager, Mora Municipality
Anna Romson, art director
Anders Selling, CEO, Vasaloppet

Contributed by: Vasaloppet