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XIV traditional international Rostec Demino FIS/Worldloppet Ski Marathon 2021. Day 1.

XIV traditional international Rostec Demino FIS/Worldloppet Ski Marathon 2021. Day 2.


The first calendar uniting ALL marathon races around the world. Doesn’t matter if Worldloppet, Euroloppet, Russialoppet, American Ski Marathon Series, Visma Ski Classics… every marathon race should be considered and be visible in one place: The Global Ski Marathon Calendar”. This is what Worldloppet aimed at creating for the coming season, a tool that should be used together with the Global Ranking and serve race organizers establishing the level of participants but – above all- help popular cross-country skiers. The Global Ski Calendar & Ranking should, in fact, not only be useful finding the suitable starting wave for skiers who has not taken part to any other Worldloppet races, but also motivate skiers getting involved into the world of Cross Country Ski Marathons, seeing their efforts recognized, besides having a broader overview on the ski marathons worldwide.

As for today 20 race organizations with all their reaces, in total 124 races, joined this new project of the Global Calendar & Ranking and some more are willing to join.
Besides the 20 Worldloppet races (that include even more races counting all the different distances), races from several countries joined the Global Calendar, such as Switzerland, the United States, Canada, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Austria, and Germany.

The names of the races that joined the Global Calendar? La Diagonela and Mara in Switzerland, Canadian Birkebeiner, Sirdal Skimarathon, Reistadløpet and Lapponia Hiihto, just to name some of them. The complete calendar with all races included can be found on the Worldloppet website, with accurate details about each of the races and how to get in contact with them.

In the past months, both tools have taken shape and are ready to support skiers around the world starting from the coming season 2019/2020. The launch of the Global Ranking has already taken place with the Worldloppet Summer events in the Southern Hemisphere, where Ushuaia Loppet, Kangaroo Hoppet and Merino Muster opened the path to this new system and opened up a new era to “ski around the world”.

See the Global Ski Marathon Calendar

Dolomitenlauf: Back to Lienz for the 50 years


In the 50th anniversary year, the Organizing Committee wants to prepare something very special:

After a few years, the main classical run is running the track back to the main square of Lienz, where participants will cross the finish line on Sunday instead of Saturday. By doing this, the Organization wants to offer participants from all over the world a special cross-country experience. On the other side, the 42/20km Free Technique race will be held on Saturday still in Obertilliach, the place where the past 10 events took place and that could guarantee that no race was canceled due to lack of snow.

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EXPA GRU 180120 0064

50 Years of the Dolomitenlauf will also be the perfect occasion for a special exhibition in the Spitalskirche, and for a documentary about the history of the main Austrian race, which will be on display for free in the cinema "Cine X".

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Jizerska 50 : get fast to get yor bib

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Tradition, world-class athletes, and the beauty of the Jizera Mountains. The legendary Czech Ski Marathon Jizerská 50, held from the 7th–9th February 2020 will showcase all of this. Do not miss the 53rd annual traditional cross-country skiing race in the Czech Republic.

You still have the chance to register at the lowest entrance fee until the end of September.

Last year, the Jizerská 50 races were in record demand: three of the races were full to capacity, and judging from the number of people who have registered so far, it seems that we will be in the same situation very soon. This is why we would like to suggest you to register as soon as possible if you want to be part to one of these exceptional events.

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Bieg Piastow: high demand for the 2020 Edition

BP 317

Seems like the Jizera Mountains are the top destination for this year, as also Bieg Piastów, the ski marathon on the Polish side of the mountains, is encountering a high demand of registrations and bibs are being asked very fast.

After 21 days the OC states that there are already more than 1500 registered racers from 13 countries. The fastest registration in Bieg Piastów's history!
You would like to be part of this beautiful experience? Low entry fees are available until the end of September.

BP 256

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A year of anniversaries and milestones

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Time is passing for Worldloppet races and it is coming the time for important anniversaries and milestones that give perfect occasions for celebrations. As already mentioned, this year is going to be the 50th Anniversary of the first edition of Dolomitenlauf, that will be celebrated with a track change and special exhibitions. On the other side of the World, the Japanese Sapporo Ski Marathon will celebrate 40 years of events, an occasion not to be missed!

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Tartu Maraton will have 2020 its 47th edition but will celebrate 60 years from the founding with a special exhibition at the Estonian National Museum, which will be open for 3 months starting from February 2020.

Meanwhile, two other races in Europe annouce important milestones reached:Jizerska 50 is celebrating the 200.000 registrations from the first edition, where Marcialonga announced in March to have reached 250.000 registrations from 1971.

A clear sign of the apprecciacion and value of the Czech and Italian ski marathons in the world.

New Worldloppet Masters & Global Skiers


The Worldloppet season has just begun, and there are already many new skiers on the list of Masters 2020. Here are latest achievements of our skiers.

Worldloppet Masters of 2020:

#5046 William BROWN, USA  (2nd title)

#5047 Evgeniy MISHIN, RUS

#5048 Nils-Erik ERIKSSON, SWE (2nd title)

Full WL Master's List

If you want to start your adventure of becoming a Worldloppet Master or even a Global Skier, just get your Passport and start #skiingaroundtheworld:

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Find all results & all race dates

Find all results

You can find the latest results on our website. But not only the latest results, on Worldloppet web you can also find every race result form the year 2000 on.

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Next 2 year's calendar

The Worldloppet race calendar is already confirmed for the next two seasons, namely season 2019/20 and 2020/21. On our website you can find the full race calendar.

Race Calendar