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XIV traditional international Rostec Demino FIS/Worldloppet Ski Marathon 2021. Day 1.

XIV traditional international Rostec Demino FIS/Worldloppet Ski Marathon 2021. Day 2.

Moroccan Iahcen Mokraji seized gold at the 2013 Marcialonga Running race in Trentino region (Italy), yesterday. Isaac Toroitich Kosgei and Micah Kiplagat Samoei of Kenya came in second and third, over 1 minute back. On the women’s side, Italian Ivana Iozzia – former marathon national champion – kept back two times Marcialonga race winner Eliana Patelli and Mirella Bergamo.

Mokraji finished on his own in 1:19:04 and set the new record time along the 25,5k long course from Moena to Cavalese town centres. Iozzia let Patelli run in the front for more than half of the course and passed her just a few kilometres before the last uphill. She finished in 1:33:03 (new record time).

Over 1500 runners from 20 nations took part in the race amongst the Dolomites.

Yeasterday’s Marcialonga Running race was the last step of combined event Combinata Punto 3 Craft - together with the Marcialonga Cycling Craft road race and last January’s ski-marathon. Bruno Debertolis and Arianna Mazzel grabbed the 2013 title.


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1. Iahcen Mokraji G.S. Daini Carate Brianza 1:19.04,9; 2. Toroitich Kosgei Isaac Run2gether 1:20.47,9; 3. Kiplagat Samoei Micah Run2gether 1:21.28,9; 4. Alberto Mosca G.S. Orecchiella Garfagnana 1:24.00,9; 5. Massimo Leonardi G.S. Valsugana Trentino 1:24.30,4; 6. Tyar Abdelhadi G.S.La Recastello Radici Group 1:25.43,9; 7. Hermann Achmueller Sportverein Jenesien 1:29.27,6; 8. Salvatore Concas Cambiaso Risso Running Team Genova 1:30.29,5; 9. Sandy Ballis Atletica Fassa 08 1:30.42,0; 10. Juri Radoani S.A. Valchiese 1:32.23,0

1. Ivana Iozzia Calcestruzzi Corradini Excelsior 1:33.03,5; 2. Eliana Patelli Atl. Valle Brembana 1:33.53,2; 3. Mirella Bergamo G.S. Valsugana Trentino 1:40.17,1; 4. Monica Baccanelli Atl. Gavardo '90 Lib. 1:43.32,4; 5. Laura Ricci Calcestruzzi Corradini Excelsior 1:43.42,9; 6. Paola Mariotti Atletica Brugnera 1:45.19,2; 7. Aleksandra Fortin S.D. Nanos 1:47.23,5; 8. Lorena Brusamento A.S. Azzurra Garbagnate M.Se 1:47.57,9; 9. Stefania Canale Atl. Zerbion St-Vincent Chat 1:48.57,6; 10. Angelika Eckl Suedtiroler Laufverein Amateur 1:49.57,8

Contributed by: Marcialonga