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The marathon of 2010 gathered more than 1,300 athletes from 30 regions of Russia, as well as Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, France, and the USA. Famous skiers, honored masters of sports, Olympic champions Svetlana Nageikina, Vladimir Vilisov, Nikita Kryukov, Alexander Panzhinsky and Alexey Petukhov came to participate in the race. The athletes noted the high organization of the competitions in Demino, the excellent preparation of ski courses and the infrastructure of the center, the hospitality and interest of numerous Rybinsk spectators. In 2010, the number of finishers in the marathon exceeded one thousand people, that allowed the organizers of marathon to apply for Worldloppet.

The marathon of 2011 was a serious preparation for joining the elite series of the world ski marathons Worldloppet. 1200 people participated in it.

In 2012 the organizers of  VI Demino ski marathon, where 1600 people took part, in fact, passed the most difficult exam for entry into the series of the world's largest marathons - Worldloppet. The evaluation of VI Demino marathon was conducted by the Worldloppet Executive Committee. Its members didn't just watch, but they were participants in the marathon. The result was the inclusion of Demino ski marathon into the Worldloppet family. This fateful event for Rybinsk and the entire world sport took place in June 2012 at the Worldloppet congress in Tartu (Estonia).

And in 2013 Rybinsk marathon, which grew out of skiing competitions organized by amateurs into the largest in the country, hosted a large number of foreign athletes.

Then, according to the requirements of the marathon movement, the new course of Demino marathon was approved. 50 km lap was laid not only on the territory of Demino sports courses. The big loop went through the regional road Rybinsk-Tutaev. At the time of the race, the highway was blocked for cars, and the asphalt cloth, 12 meters wide, was covered with a 50 cm snow cushion. This 50 km one-lap course was created for the first time.

1600 skiers from 24 countries came to the start, among them more than three hundred participants were foreigners. Famous marathon runners, eminent athletes, Worldloppet masters visited Rybinsk. It was the absolute record of the decade among competitions of cross-country skiing in Russia. In the first Russian marathon, which entered the world series, took part 70 skiers who have the title of Worldloppet master, the highest rank, which all marathon runners of the planet are striving to. Only during competition days, 100 sports documents were issued - Worldloppet passports. Demino ski marathon distinguished itself by innovation - with medals that outwardly looked very similar to the Olympic ones.

In the little snowy 2014 year, the warm weather didn't allow to create not only a natural snow course, but also to keep a specially formed pillow from artificial snow. Due to the stable plus temperatures of February and March, unfortunately to many skiers and fans, the organizers had to cancel Demino marathon. In 2015 in Demino the best skiers-marathoners of the country and the world were again met.

VIII Demino ski marathon Worldloppet gathered more than two thousand athletes and lovers of skiing - representatives from 25 countries and 52 regions of Russia. At the start of the "golden" 50 km race were about 1429 participants. Half an hour before the main start, the Norwegian skier Ole Herman Roennevig, skiing in a wheelchair, began to pass Demino course. Demino marathon was the final start for him of all 16 Worldloppet marathons, which allowed him to become the Global Master of Worldloppet.

World-famous athletes led the race: Alexey Petukhov - world champion, bronze medalist of Vancouver Olympics, Evgeny Dementyev - Olympic champion, silver medalist of 2010 Winter Olympics Alexander Panzhinsky, Natascia Leonardi-Cortesi - Olympic medalist, world champion in ski-mountaineering .

In 2015 there were changes in the marathon race itself. In addition to the traditional half-marathon and the marathon 50 kilometer free style race, for the first time in the history of Worldloppet marathons, 50 km marathon with ski changes was held. 200 athletes were able to take part in it. For ski changing there were special pitboxes at the stadium.

In 2016 1,600 people took part in the golden race of IX Traditional Demino ski marathon FIS/Worldloppet. Skiers, who conquered Demino slopes in previous years, recommended it to their friends. So, for example, Dr. Preetam Singh, a marathon runner from India started in the gold and silver races.

The Jubilee X Traditional International ROSTEC Demino ski marathon FIS/Worldloppet 2017 gathered two thousand professionals and amateurs of skiing, representing 55 regions of Russia and 18 countries of the world. For the first time, the winners of the 2007 and 2015 Deaflympics Vladimir Mayorov and Lyubov Misharina took part in the competitions. About 10 thousand spectators came to see the main winter sports event. For the anniversary marathon the organizers have prepared special medals of the original design.

More than 2500 professional skiers and amateurs of ski sport took part in XI Traditional International Rostec Demino ski marathon FIS/Worldloppet 2018. Among them were representatives of 19 countries and 60 Russian regions. About two thousand athletes conquered 50 km FT race, three hundred athletes went to the start of 25 km distance. 200 young skiers took part in junior 5 and 10 km races, 200 youngest participants - from 4 to 8 years old - overcame 1 km Baby marathon.

Olympic champions Alexander Legkov, Evgeny Dementyev and a participant of Olympic Games in PyeongChang Andrey Melnichenko were among the first to go 50 km away. A serious struggle was between them on the course and at the finish. As a result, Andrey Melnichenko was the first. Nikolay Khokhryakov and the current recordsman of Demino marathon, Olympic champion Evgeny Dementiev, came in at a minimal margin from the leader.

Three leaders of the classic 25 km distance - Olympic champions Nikita Kryukov, Evgeny Dementyev and Yaroslavl athlete Evgeny Tsepkov - were at a distance. At the very end of the race, the Olympic champions were stronger.