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06/12/2012 Winter has arrived to Estonia!

The last 24 hours brought a lot of snow to the course of Tartu Maraton and it means that the course masters had the opportunity to start with the preparations of 42nd Tartu Maraton.

Assar Kütt, the course master of Tartu Maraton said that the condition of the course definitely allows skiing fans to go ahead with this year’s first skiing. Right now is more recommended to use free technique, but if the weather stays good, classical trails will be driven in throughout the whole course and in this weekend skiers can enjoy the course of Tartu Maraton in it’s full length.

Despite that the first ski tracks are on the ground, Club Tartu Maraton suggest not to use the best racing skis on the course as the
first snow does not allow to make a really high quality trails.

Read more about 42nd Tartu Maraton:

Photo: 1st Tartu Ski Relay, 2012. We hope to see even more snow on the
course this year.

Contributed by: Tartu Marathon