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Rostec Demino ski marathon FIS/Worldloppet 2020 -


* The biggest ski marathon in Russia


* 3rd Free Technique ski marathon in the world by number of finishers


Happy Birthday!

Дмитрий Жвакин RUS 30.09
Екатерина Немцова RUS 30.09
Тимур Абзалилов RUS 30.09
Виктор Арефьев RUS 30.09
Ирина Жемчугова RUS 30.09
Иван Красавин RUS 30.09
Дмитрий Гузеев RUS 30.09
Алексей Куртов RUS 30.09
Егор Грибов RUS 30.09
Дмитрий Филатов RUS 30.09
Анастасия Гоголева RUS 30.09
Ольга Мохирева RUS 30.09
Наталья Белошапко RUS 30.09
Дуйсекулов Аскар RUS 30.09
Joanblanq Christophe FRA 30.09
Виктор Брагин RUS 30.09
Андрей Прохоров RUS 30.09
Павел Терентьев RUS 30.09
Павел Селю RUS 30.09
Владислав Захаров RUS 30.09
Александр Ефремов RUS 30.09
Александр Базилевич RUS 30.09
Максим Галкин RUS 30.09
Владимир Рыженко RUS 30.09
Юрий Мараказов RUS 30.09
Светлана Белянкова RUS 30.09
Андрей Бауткин RUS 30.09


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    Running half marathon

    XI Traditional Demino cross-country running half-marathon 2020.

    1st stage of Demino marathons Super Cup Powerup 2020-2021

    Light Trail cross

    III Salomon Demino running trail.

    2nd stage of Demino marathons Super Cup Powerup 2020-2021
    button ski


    XIV Traditional International DEMINO SKI MARATHON FIS/ WORLDLOPPET 2021.

    Registration for Rostec Demino ski marathon Worldloppet will start on November 1, 2020

    Marathon Cup

    Demino marathons Super Cup Powerup 2020-2021.

    Live video. Day 1


    Закажи паспорт
    Как добраться?
    Новости марафонов

    Born more than 40 years ago, La Transju', the biggest popular Nordic skiing race in France, continues to grow. Organised by Trans'Organisation, it shows every year its dynamism and multiplies projects to bring the image of Jura and Haut-Doubs beyond the borders.

    To remember

    . Nearly 4500 participants expected for the two days of races
    . Transju' integrates the Visma Ski Classics circuit for greater international reach
    . Sustainable development at the heart of La Transju '

    Winter is coming. The first snowflakes felt on the Jura massif show it. Between La Station des Rousses (Jura) and the Val de Mouthe (Doubs), La Transju' historical start and finish areas, cross-country skiers have already taken the skis out of their covers and enjoyed the first gliding experience of the winter. For many of them, the Transju' is already in mind. 
    Two months from the rendez-vous for a long time ticked in the agenda of all lovers of cross-country skiing, "all the lights are green," rejoices Quentin Lebas, general coordinator of the event. "We opened the registrations on September 11th," he says. Today, compared to the same date last year, we even have a 10% increase in registrations. So, we should like last year approach 4500 participants. "

    For these two days of competitions, participants have the opportunity to choose between the classic technic races on Saturday (Transju'Classic, 56 km; Trans 25CT, 25 km; Transju'Experience, 20km) and the free technic races on Sunday (Transju', 68 km; Transju'Marathon, 48 km; Trans 25FT, 25 km; Transju'Experience, 20 km). And for those who have trouble making their choice, the UltraTrans will allow them to accumulate the timing of the Transju’ 68 km and the Transju'Classic 56 km, so 124 km in two days in two different technics. 2020 novelty, the less experienced or more cautious will have the opportunity to experience the Transju' on 3 km courses. "These are untimed events for people who do not yet practice cross-country skiing or who do not feel able to do longer distances," explains Quentin Lebas. We want La Transju' to be the place / appointment for everyone, regardless of the level of practice. "

    The Visma Ski Classics circuit to grow even further

    Already member of the Worldloppet, the world long distance events circuit, La Transju' this year enters the calendar of Visma Ski Classics, the reference for all professional cross-country skiers specialized in long effort. This entry on a circuit that celebrates this year its tenth season is the guarantee to see on the starting line some of the best international long-distance skiers. "At first, we will be in the category challengers, explains the coordinator. But by 2022, we clearly want to be part of the Pro Tour (12 stages in 2019-2020). This Visma Ski Classics circuit aims to structure a real professional circuit. An undeniable advantage for the quality of the elites plateau but also a great opportunity to place La Transju' as a race to put in the "to do list" of all fans, in France, but also abroad. "Medias are talking more and more about this circuit and it was very important for us to hang up on the cars. We still have to work hard to be in a position to integrate the Pro Tour, including as a requirement of the specifications, a live TV production. The circuit races are broadcast in 70 countries. 
    It would be for us a great opportunity to make even more known La Transju' and our beautiful region Bourgogne-Franche-Comté on the whole territory. The TV broadcasts are in the spirit of those of the Tour de France cyclist with a significant part given to the landscapes and wealth of heritage of the region. It is a project that we must carry out with all the actors of the region because it is for the common good. "

    Sustainable development at the heart of the project

    Skiing on the slopes of La Transju' is the certainty of evolving in sumptuous surroundings in the heart of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region. The proximity to nature is also often the participants’ first reason to explain their passion for Nordic skiing. The environmental approach is therefore obvious for La Transju'. "It's a priority for us," insists Quentin Lebas. For example, we work with two organizations specialized in waste recycling to improve our system on this subject. We had already started to adapt our practices to the new plastic law. It is now over for the plastic cups at the racers’ restaurant as well as at the feeding stations. We also set up specific areas to dispose wastes in bins and we sensitize participants. The race rules also notice an immediate disqualification for competitors caught throwing wastes out of these areas. ".
    "We pay special attention to the impact of our passage and our eco-responsibility. It is for this reason that La Transjurassienne has joined forces with the Haut-Jura Regional Nature Park and the Tetras Jura group, which bring their expertise. "

    So that the party be beautiful, respectful of the surroungings that welcomes it and that La Transju' continues for many years to make the region vibrate and to convey the most beautiful image of the territory it crosses.

    More informations on http://latransju.com/